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Our selection includes a wide range of carefully selected products to cater to your specific smoking lifestyle.  Each one is guaranteed to be of the highest quality, giving you a customized and fully satisfactory smoking experience

Rollo Cigarette Tubes

Rollo is an international cigarette filter tube brand known for its dedication to quality and innovation and we are now making it available to the Philippines.  We offer Rollo full flavor, lights and menthol cigarette tubes, as well as special variants such as colored tubes, cigar tubes, and flavored tubes.

Rollo Filter Tips

High quality Filter Tips which come in a variety of sizes and lengths.

Rollo Cigarette Injectors

Designed to perfectly fit the Rollo Cigarette Filter Tubes.


Tobacco Pipe

Premium quality pipes handcrafted by expert wood craftsmen and made from 100% Philippine mahogany wood.

Golden Leaf Tobacco Leaves

Premium American blends made from the finest quality Virginia and Burley tobacco, giving you a rich distinctive taste similar to that of the world’s leading brand. Available in Full Flavor, Lights and Menthol variants.

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