Rollo is an international brand of cigarette tubes, cigarette rolling papers, filter tips, and other smoking accessories known for its dedication to quality and innovation.  Our RYO cigarette rolling papers are available in three sizes, (36 x 70, 44 x 78 and 44 x 110) three paper types, (standard white, natural brown and organic hemp fiber) and also in 11 flavors (strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, mint, peach, grape, orange, lemon, blueberry, green apple and cherry) in order to cater to the consumer’s different tastes.

The papers are gummed in France using natural arabic gum and are non-GMO, vegan and chlorine-free.  Made from materials sourced from only the world’s top suppliers and undergoing a strict and rigorous quality control process, our cigarette rolling papers guarantee you an enjoyable and quality smoke every time.  Try them with our cigarette rolling machines and Golden Leaf full flavor, lights or menthol tobacco for the ultimate RYO experience.